"Branding by Banding" with Bandall and Max Aarts

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Bandall, our banding machine supplier, and  our printed material supplier, Max Aarts BV, have been featured in Pakkracht's September 2015 publication as the CoverStory!!

To celebrate this publication we wanted to share some of the main topics of how Bandall and Max Aarts partnership can help customers with marketing and getting the company's name out there.

With Bandall's and Max Aarts' partnership Bandall banding machines offer customers a great marketing tool, "Branding by Banding". This is done by printing directly onto the paper band to showcase the company's name and product information.  Max Aarts is able to create custom design options for your company including bar codes, content information, nutrition information, and logos.

Branding by Banding can be used in several industries:

  • Food
  • Plastics
  • Consumer Products
For more information on Applications for a bandall: CLICK HERE

The article also discusses how banding can provide a healthy, and ecological way to package. "A paper band can be recycled in its entirety. For adhesion there is a biodegradable adhesive used. Many other forms produce high amounts of waste and require effort and resources to perform the action needed, creating a bigger footprint."

To see the article on the publisher's website: CLICK HERE

To see the summary of this article, in English: CLICK HERE

To find out more on "Branding by Banding":

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