Bandall Fully-Automated Banding Equipment

Integration into your production process

TRL Bander

The fully automatic Bandall equipment, is based on the standard Bandall model and performs outstandingly in high production situations. The modular band in-feed technology can be seamlessly integrated into your production line to ensure continuity in production while automatically banding your products.   Bandall developed this solution in response to the current demand for reducing costs by combining production processes.

  • Available in 4 formats
    • TRL (linear)
    • TRC (corner)
    • TXL Series
    • TRB Series
  • Suitable for a wide range of applications and production environments
  • Can be installed alongside other types of machines
    • Graphics Industry; folding and cutting machines
    • Pharmaceutical Industry; blister and cardboard packaging machines
    • Food Industry; alongside top-seal and lidding machines


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