Bandall Applications

Contract Packaging


  • Alternative to Shrink wrap, Chip board sleeves, and rubber bands
  • Offers customer the ability to bundle promotional products: grouping different items together to make a set

Food / Beverage

Hot dogs

  • Great alternative to pressure sensitive and Chip board sleeve labels
  • Pre-printed paper and film range in size: 1-4 inches in width, with up to 6 colors
  • Used as a safety or tamper evident seal on many container applications

Pharmaceutical Industry


  • Provides bundling capabilities without heat transfer onto the product
  • More cost effective then chip board sleeves

Commercial Printing & Graphic Arts


  • Cost effective alternative to methods such as shrink wrapping
  • Reduce consumables by 50%, and reduce energy costs
  • Increase productivity- up to 35 bundles per minute

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