Atlas 1200

Atlas_1200_1The Atlas 1200 meets the highest expectations in the efficient processing of labels and signs such as tax stamps for wine, tobacco, spirits, etc. This new equipment offers the minimum processing format of 11x40mm.

  • Automatic strip stack loading
  • Cross-cutting of the strip stack
  • Die-cutting of the stack
  • Banding of the stack

Atlas 1200 Doublestream

Atlas 1200 Double StreamThe ATLAS-1200 Double Stream can cut and band two pre-cut stack of strips at the same time. There are no compromises with regard to precision, but the machine capacity is nearly doubled compared to the standard model.

Because even the smallest tax stamps can be cut and banded precisely and in a very controlled manner, this machine is extremely appealing to security printers.

  • Can be used independently, or in a production line
  • Can be equipped with an automatic gripper system
  • Large size labels can be cut down and double banded
  • Reliable banding every time