Akebono Applications

Contract Packaging

Contract packaging companies are realizing that banding plays and important role in offering their customers alternatives to conventional packaging methods such as shrink film, chip board sleeves or rubber bands.
Banding plays a vital role in offering customers bundling methods for promotional products such as grouping different items together to make a set.

Food / Beverage

The food industry is recognizing banding as an alternative to pressure sensitive and chip board sleeve labels. Pre Printed paper and film bands range from 1 to 4 inches in width and can be printed up to 6 colors. Banding is also being used as a safety or tamper evident seal on many clam shell container applications.

Pharmaceutical Industry

Pharmaceutical packaging requirements are becoming more sensitive to the rigors of heat tunnels and their potential to cause damage to their products.
Banding machines provide the same bundling capabilities without the heat transfer onto the product usually associated with shrink wrapping. Banding also becomes more cost effective when taking the place of chip boars sleeves also commonly used in the pharmaceutical industry.

Commercial Printing & Graphic Arts

Today’s commercial printing and graphic arts companies are always looking for an edge over their competitors, banding is a cost effective alternative to traditional packaging methods such as shrink wrapping.
By offering paper or film banding as part of your finishing room or bindery services you can reduce your consumable cost by 50% when compared to shrink wrap material. Energy costs are minimized when comparing the cost to run a shrink tunnel versus a stand alone or automated banding machine. You will also realize a gain in productivity when running a banding machine, up to 35 bundles per minute or more can be achieved in most off line banding equipment.